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Are you sizing up your belongings and trying to calculate how many trips you’ll have to make to move them with your car? Save yourself the hassle! With a U-Haul truck or trailer, you can move everything into your storage unit with just one trip.

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We’re an authorized U-Haul dealership, providing a variety of truck and trailer sizes and all the tools you need to complete your move safely. Now you can get everything you need from your friendly storage experts. If you’re interested in renting one of our U-Haul trucks, contact us today. We’ll get you squared away in no time!
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This was without a doubt the best U-Haul location I have ever used. The trailers were parked in front and very easy to get to. This site has only one employee on duty during the week (he said he has more help on weekends) but he is very knowledgeable and processed my request quickly. I enjoyed just talking to him and getting tips on getting the most out of my rental. I walked in with no reservation at 9:00 and I was driving off with the perfect trailer for my needs at 9:20. This included completing all the paperwork and hooking up the trailer. I will definitely refer to this location as my “go to” rental location from now on. 

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